Who are “I Do Advertising” and their product FlipLight

For the company

I Do Advertising is a company with years of experience in advertising, offering unique advertising solutions for all customers, regardless of the size and the theme of the campaign. We carry out the entire service cycle – from idea to final realization. What distinguishes us from competition and has made us a leader in this market lies in:

Tradeshow light desk

Tradeshow light by FlipLight

– our incredible and skilled team of truly experienced designers, including 3D designers and architects;
– specialized department for production and direct import of promotional souvenirs and gifts;
– a sales team who is ready to work individually with each client to build together great advertising projects;
– advertising facilities owned by the company;
– own know-how and professionalism to every little detail.
The rest is a lot of work and a desire for each project to have its own handwriting.
You can rely on “I Do Advertising” to realize all your advertising ideas, even the most courageous. We will help you:
– create a WOW concept together;
– Have a great graphic design;
– Make a remarkable campaign with corporate souvenirs and gifts;
– Organize memorable events and promotions
– Impressions with unique 3D and architectural design;
– We build interior and exterior advertising, including billboards and roof constructions;
– You’re comfortable with your ad because we’re providing the full range of logistics services;
– You have the legal documentation and be sure that the completed objects are legalized.

In addition, you can always rely on our expert advice, trying to respond in a very short time. We have worked and worked with some of the largest and most prestigious Bulgarian and International companies in all sectors of the economy. We also support smaller companies with the same zeal in order to be able to show their best in front of their audience. Because the most important of all is the trust of our customers.

For more details about the Flip light please contact us on https://www.flip-light.net/