Depression and anxiousness

Some people seem to have personalities that just seem more prone to causing anxiousness.

The problem is constant stress and anxiety can lead to anxiety depression.

People who experience anxiety on a regular basis have been found to have some common traits.

They include the following.

  • Always striving for perfectionism
  • Feeling like a failure when goals are not met
  • Nervous
  • Often feels guilty about what they did or did not do
  • Doesn’t like to hear any criticism about their self
  • Displays obsessive traits
  • Invents things to worry about

If your thoughts are always leading you to self-criticism, the result can be the development of anxiety depression. If you realize you have the anxiety prone personality, you can prevent a slide into depression. But even if you already have anxiety depression, you can learn to think differently.

Anxiety depression is often self induced. In other words, you’re so hard on yourself that you never come out ahead in your thoughts. You want to be perfect and no one can achieve perfection. You want to be all things to all people in your life, and that’s not possible either.

But because of these feelings and thoughts, you’re never satisfied with your efforts. So you begin to tell yourself that you’re a failure or worthless. People experience different levels of anxiety depression. For example, you can have a mild case that affects your attitude toward yourself, but doesn’t interfere with your activities. You can also have a severe form of anxiety depression that drives you deeper and deeper into the well of dissatisfaction.

Thanks to professionisti della mente you can have a treatment options include both self help and recognized therapies such as cognitive and behavioral. But the key in any treatment is to change your self perspective.One of the common symptoms of anxiety depression is the belief you can’t express yourself, because then people won’t like you.

That lack of self-esteem makes you always put yourself last. You also may have expectations that are way too high making success impossible. During treatment, you learn to set reasonable goals and then how to accept the results of your efforts in a positive manner.Anxiety depression can be debilitating if left unchecked. You have to learn to like yourself first. Everyone has special talents and abilities including you.

If you put your personal energy into taking advantage of those abilities rather than suppressing them, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can rise out of your depression. Thoughts can be self-defeating and act like a trap. Open the trap and let those negative thoughts out and you can look at life from a whole new perspective.