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Leon theme usability features

Market of themes is presented by the most manifold themes, which contain many specific features. Some of the themes have specific business to be applied to, i.e. they can be used for fashion business or any other. Some themes can be installed on some peculiar CMS or frameworks and such themes should provide more features than the original site has. So do Leon Magento theme. It provides the new design insights as well as other themes; however it brings more opportunities for site development and traffic increasing. Furthermore, Leon theme increases the site usability and it dramatically increases the customers’ site experience.magento theme

Usability features

Usability features quite important for the customers, as it predetermines the level of comfort that customers will get from using the site. If this level is low, customers will try to avoid the site and use sites of competitors.

However with Leon Magento theme one can easily increase this level and bring more potential customers.

Entire site look

First usability thing is related to the entire site look. It has the comfortable navigation and presentation of all interesting thing that site can provide. Regular themes or default Magento theme cannot provide such design features. With customization of the original theme one can reach the good design, however it will be absolutely new and unique theme just as the Leon.


Considering the usability features one can also underline the reviews, which are also important for site promotion and increasing conversion. It works for customers as an evidence of the good services, which company can provide, because positive reviews are people opinion of the product. And Forte theme has all functionality for maintaining the good reviews, which are shown with products page. It enables people to read them without entering some special pages with reviews about the products or company.


For better shopping experience one can use the enhanced catalog system and it dramatically increase the conversion because customers can easily watch all products presented in some peculiar category and find the needed one. Furthermore, catalogue contains the layered navigation bar that aids with the finding the needed product. Also catalogue is created to describe the product category to increase understanding of what the page is entered and what kind of products is presented. Usability level also increased with the animated elements, which make working with site much more interesting.

Site operating

Usually usability features are directed on the customers, however Forte Magento theme is very comfortable to use even for the admin. Admin panel is perfectly created to manage all features, which are necessary for effective e-commerce. Furthermore, speaking about the hard way of theme installation and related issues, Leon theme can be installed in one click so it does not require considerable experience in maintaining the work of themes or frameworks. Manuals are provided with the theme so one can follow some steps and update own Magento shop with the brand new theme that will definitely make a difference with sales.

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Magento themes and extensions for EU

Besides the possibility of a Magento shop manually prepare for the German and European market, there are at least three helpers in the form of extensions. Which should I use?

In a new shop on Magento basis there are a number of areas that to be adjusted in order to be legally on the safe side. These include, for example, Terms and Conditions, view prices, tax brackets, etc. It is quite possible to do these adjustments by hand, but to ease the workload; there are some extensions, which help.


German Market Ready

The extension of German Market Ready (MRG) is the veteran in this category since 2009 and represented in Magento Connect. It will still appear regular updates to the extension even with new Magento versions can use. Apart from the actual function of the adjustments for the EU market, the expansion brings many additional features such as Trusted Shop, availability status, and much more adjustments in the PDF generator.
The many functions and the fact that updates on new Magento major versions often appear only a few months late, has tarnished the reputation of the former extension at experienced developers at least.

German shop

This extension can be dealt with quickly. German shop since 2010 in Magento Connect, but is no longer being developed since February 2012. Magento is officially only supports up to version 1.5. I have always used this lightweight extension very happy as an alternative to MRG, but without regular updates, you have to advise against the use unfortunately.


Market Ready German and German shop are now so extensive, that they bring in addition to the rudimentary not used functions that can affect the overall system negatively. Nevertheless, it is for inexperienced shop owner a quick way to make the shop fit for the EU market. German shop but should not be taken as there is apparently no longer being developed.